Solved Beginner:How to assign A-material to B-cube by python?

(:grin: Thanks to all the good people who kindly answer questions to a green hand like me in recent days ,i have certainly made a huge pregress due to you zealous guys in such a super forum)

Well,i meet the problem to assign a material to another object in my project,i reviewed history post but not so solvable,let me take an easy example of A material and B cube,how to assign A to B?

Below is example pic
mat assign.png

import c4d

def main():
   A = c4d.BaseObject(c4d.Ocube)
#lost on how to make assignment

Thanks !

Hi Ilad, thanks for reaching out us.

With regard to your request, I warmly recommend to have a look at Materials and Shaders Overview where the basic of Cinema 4D materials and shading handling are discussed. Consider that even if the documentation refers to C++ the described concepts can be applied to Python as well.

Briefly the solution to your request is:

def main():
    # get first object
    cubeA = doc.GetActiveObject()
    if cubeA is None: 
    # get second object
    cubeB = op.GetNext()
    if cubeB is None:
        cubeB = op.GetPred()
    #get first material
    matA = doc.GetActiveMaterial()
    if matA is None: 
    # get second material
    matB = matA.GetNext()
    if matB is None:
        matB = matA.GetPred()
    # create the texture tags for A and B
    ttagA = c4d.TextureTag()
    ttagB = c4d.TextureTag()
    # assign the swapped materials to the texture tags
    # insert the tags to the corresponding objects
    # queue an event

Last but not least, it's recommended for future threads to use the appropriate category and mark it as "Ask as a question" upon creation.

Best, Riccardo

@r_gigante Thanks!Greate help for me! I got it!:grin:


I was able to run this code, however the take system did not record changes to the "Tags" category when running the python script. What do I need to add to this code in order for it to record changes to the current take after cubeA.InsertTag(ttagA) & cubeB.InsertTag(ttagB) are executed.

hi @cinamatic ,

You should open a new thread for your question as it is not related to this thread.
I found this thread where you will find some useful information about takes and material.

If you have any question, please open your own thread explaining what you are trying to achieve and pointing to those different threads. Futur user will find every information to follow the discussion.


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