Solved Brainstorm :To automatically create a data comparison animation by python

Hi~I recently notice a fatanstic bar chart data comparison video in youtube,below is the video link:


i want to create a 3D version of this kind of data comparision video by python ,so that i can batch generate animation by easily input data

For example i have a data named :Four companies profit from 2000 to 2010

and i want to create 4 bar chart cubes respectively ,1th key represents 2000 year ,25th to 2001 year and so on ,each cube Y size key-value is the profit respectively ,in 1th key,A company Y size is 398 ,B 400 ,C 500,D 600, and in 25th ,each Y size value is the profit of 2001.

data 2.png

This is the simple demonstration i make in C4D by hand

i am crazy to achieving it by python,easily input data ,automatically create cube or cylinder and generate key and value and changeable number ,this is a powerful tool,well,i know definitely it is not easy
it is a big project !!!

**so i just want to ask the possibility of this code
if it can be achieve in C4D by python ?
could you please tell me the probable direction or the python module i should to use ?
if you can demonstrate with some basic code ,i would be grateful !
Thanks ~

Hi @Joe132 welcome in the plugincafe community.

So there is nothing in the Cinema 4D API that could help you to import this kind of data.
However, python lets you the possibility to import natively CSV data which can be normally exported from any software. See How to read and write CSV files.

Once you have done it you need to create an object. To do so you have to creates a new instance of BaseObject like so
If you open the python console and drag a cube, press enter you will see the object is a BaseObject one. For more information see Python Console Manual then for a list of ID or object, either you write the ID that was given while drag and drop either you can look at this page Object Type.

Something like:

import c4d

# Creates the object in memory
cube = c4d.BaseObject(c4d.Ocube) 

# Inserts the object into the document

# Pushes an update event to Cinema 4D

Then for the animation, I suggest you read to this topic from yesterday where you can find valuable information Beginner:How can I set a key-frame and value to a cube by python?

If you have any questions, do not hesitate.

Thank you very much ! it is certainly helpful !!