SOLVED controlled rendering programmatically

Hi there,

I'm wanting to render frames but would like to control the step dynamically. Sometimes rendering groups of frames than a gap then groups etc.
I can manage the logic of frame steps/groups but wondering if there is a command exposed to python to render a frame(s)?

Also would this be better suited as a bash command process to run instead? Either way works for me but at the moment i cant find info on rendering programatically in c4d using any of these approaches.


Hello and thanks for the question,

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Regarding your question :

First, just to be sure you know about it, I would like to point you to the Render Queue where you can save your document with different render settings and choose them in the render queue dialog box. There's some possibilities there, even more with the take system.

Another possibilities to render document is to use the CommandLine where you can specify the frame you want to render as an argument. As you said using a bash script.

If you really want to control the render with python you can use the function RenderDocument witch will render the document to a bitmap and you can save the bitmap.



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