SOLVED Sperical floor issue


this is my first posting, starting with an issue, that can not be solved in a correct way, but... 😉
I`m searching for a solution for weaken the edge, projecting sperical footage on a dome and floor, at the edge between. the first is deforming the UV and the Geo projecting onto, but I will be interested, if someone tried to solve this way in a more correct way. Would be perfect to lifting the world out of the world. will it be possible to develope a tool to get rid of these effect, that it will just look great in the sweet spot. It should be more correct at the edges or maybe the sperical cam should be replaced with an different setup? Any help finding a mediocre solution would be brilliant. regards

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Your issue is interesting. It would have been more clear with a screenshot ^^

Did you investigate to resolve that issue using only existing tools ? (even on non-developers C4D user's forum ?)

will it be possible to develope a tool to get rid of these effect

This question is too large to have a short answer, you have to be more precise, come with an idea, a more specific problem to solve.



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