SOLVED What are the options to install a Cinema4D plug-in?


We would like to provide a Cinema4D plug-in along with our software package. I was wondering what are the possible options to achieve that. I would assume that one way would be to ask the user for the Cinema4D installation directory and copy our plug-in under "plugins" directory located there.

I would rather use another mean if that is possible; something that does not require user intervention, and ideally that will not copy files outside of our installation directory.

Is there a way to provide a module or plug-in path to Cinema4D - a bit like the plug-in path preference, but not limited to the current user?


Hi Maxime3, thanks for reaching out us.

With regard to your question, it's indeed not needed to copy your plugin in the <Cinema4D path>/plugins but rather it's recommended to avoid this.
There are a few options to specify custom plugins path:

  • using the Edit -> Preferences -> Plugins and adding a specific path to the list plugin searched paths;
  • before R20
    • using the C4D_PLUGINS_DIR environment variable;
  • since R20
    • using the g_additionalModulePath command-line argument when lunching Cinema 4D (e.g. "CINEMA 4D.exe" g_additionalModulePath=<your plugin path>);
    • using the g_additionalModulePath parameter specified in the config.txt (which is located in the "resource" folder of Cinema and sets the path only for this specific version);
    • using the g_additionalModulePath as an environment variable;
    • using the Configuration Variables.

Best, Riccardo

Hi Riccardo,

Thank you for the detailed answer. With the many options available, I chose one that fits best with our installer.

Again, thanks for the help!