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I'd like to retrieve parameter information from Redshift Shader nodes.

So far I've gota BaseContainer and then accessed IDs and values with GvNode.GetIndexId() and GvNode.Get DataId()

  1. The returned IDs are numbers e.g 10047. How can I retrieve it's corresponding variable name e.g c4d.REDSHIFT_SHADER_MATERIAL_SHADOW_OPACITY

  2. How can I retrieve further information about the parameter (It's Description?) to find it's default value, min/max values, label etc?


Hello and thanks for the question,

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Thanks to @m_adam you can have a look at this github repository where you will find some useful information.

Let's answer the second question first because that maybe answer the first.
Once you have your GvNode you can retrieve the description of that node using

    desc =    node.GetDescription(c4d.DESCFLAGS_DESC_NONE)
    for bc, paramid, groupid in  desc:
        print bc[c4d.DESC_DEFAULT], bc[c4d.DESC_NAME], bc[c4d.DESC_IDENT], paramid, groupid

In the BaseContainer you can have information using DESC_xxxx ids

Sometimes it can be strange to retrieve the min/max value (it's often the min max value of the data type, so you have to use DESC_MINSLIDER)

DESC_IDENT, DESC_IDENT_ORIGIN can be interesting to answer your question 1 because it stores the resource identifier.

Another trick can be to retrieve all Symbol that have REDSHIFT in his name with something like this

rsSym = filter(lambda x: "REDSHIFT" in x , dir(c4d))
print rsSym


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@m_magalhaes Thank you, this is very helpful and does what I was looking for!

I can't seem to find GetDescription() in the API docs for GvNode or BaseList2D. Would there be a reason for this?

it's coming from C4DAtom

I've sent an email to Redshift to ask them if we can be sure that every Symbol have "redshift" in the name.
I'll come back if i have more information.

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I've got some feedback,

You can't rely on the fact that all resource name contain Redshift. (most but not all).
As Some parts are generated dynamically this could break your tools.

May I ask you what are you trying to implement ?


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