Solved Simulating a Scrub in the Timeline?


I made a rig, and for some reason, it does not work well unless I scrub the timeline. It's as if the timeline gives an update to the scene. You can see an illustration of the problem here:

I'm not sure about this but I guess the term to do this redraw, correct me if I'm wrong.
I checked the documentation but the redraw() method is only available under c4d.gui module.

Is there a way to simulate a scrub in the timeline or redraw on a document/scene level?

Thank you for looking at my problem.

You may want to try ExecutePasses() - that command will animate the current frame of the document and therefore works like scrubbing the timeline.

Not sure about the whole mechanics of the command but it works.
Here is the code I used:
doc.ExecutePasses(None, True, True,True,c4d.BUILDFLAGS_0)

hi @bentraje ,

Just to confirm @mp5gosu answer.

We can also point you to BaseDocument manual where you have some information about ExecutePasses


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