Send Python Code To C4D from any Texteditor

Hello guys!
I've created little solution to send python code to execute in Cinema 4D. Also it works for editing Pyton Generators, Effectors, Tags and Fields! Thanks for Remote Code Runner - Cinema 4D & Sublime Text plugin by NiklasRosenstein.


Download SendPythonCodeToCinema4D

Nice one, thanks for providing it as open source 😉

is it possible to update this fantastic tool for R23.
I think it's broken due to new python 3.7 version, but I don't understand the socket module


@mdr74 Done!
Please download new version and let me know how it works.

@mikeudin thanks

@mikeudin I change this code in line 432 of SendPythonCodeToCinema4D.pyp



str(code, "utf-8")

and also in lines 436, 440, 448

the code returned to cinema4d was in byte format, not string.
I'm not very good with python but it works for me

@mdr74 OK, thank you! Will check it.