Solved Autocomplete successful but symbol IDs are unrecognized (on Pycharm)


I made the c4dpy.exe (python.exe) the project interpreter.
The autocomplete is functioning but the symbol IDs are not recognized.

You can see an illustration of the problem here:

is there a way around this? Thank you

Hi, @bentraje there is actually nothing that you can do about it.
We decided to not include symbols since with our previous test and the huge amount of symbols cinema 4d get, it really really slow down some IDE.



Thanks for the response. May I confirm that the same is also true for Visual Studio (i.e. no symbols included)? Or is this specific only to Pycharm,?

Its true for every IDE.

Gotcha. Thanks for the response!

@bentraje You have to edit your
"C:\Program Files\MAXON\Cinema 4D R20\resource\modules\python\libs\python27\"
file by adding all symbol ID's as module variables.


Check out an example file, make sure you have a backup!🤞

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Thanks Mike for the file! Works as expected. I have autocomplete now for the symbol IDs :)

Have a great day ahead!

Thanks, Mike for providing them, as said before be aware that if you encounter slowdown for the autocompletion and in typing in your IDE, it may come from here :)