Solved Bug in mograph python effector default state R20

When you use a mograph python effector switched to "full control" mode by default it doesn't work because of the absence of a falloff field. It took me awhile to figure out why my custom effectors didn't work coming from R18 to R20.

I would suggested updating the boilerplate in the effector when switching to full control mode to check for a falloff if that's possible. If not maybe fall back to commented out version for with falloff and without?

Hi @codysorgenfrey, thanks for writing to us.

Normally this issue was fixed in R20 SP1, so which version do you use?
If you are in greater than SP1 (R20.026) please attach an example file since I'm not able to reproduce it anymore.


Hey @m_adam thanks for getting back to me. I'm on R20.059.

Here's the default python effector when switched to full control. I haven't touched anything. As you can see it does nothing even though it's supposed to be lifting each clone up 100cm.

If you set the last parameter in the md.SetArray() function to False. It will work.


Thanks for reporting I've created a bug report.