Solved GetObject() on the Python Node inside the Xpresso


I'm trying to retrieve the host object of an Xpresso tag.
If the set-up is simply a Python Tag (i.e. Host Object>Python Tag): The solution would be op.GetObject()
However, my current set-up is within the Xpresso Tag (i.e. Host Object>Expresso Tag>Python Tag).
I get an error that GetObject() is not included as GV Node method, which is consistent with the documentation.

That said, is there a way to get the Host Object with the given set-up above? All the GV Node methods seems to concern with the ports.

Thank you for looking at my problem


in an Xpresso Python Node, the "op" variable stores a reference to the corresponding GvNode (see Python Xpresso Node).

Form that GvNode, you can obtain the GvNodeMaster with GetNodeMaster().

From the GvNodeMaster, you can obtain the host Xpresso tag using GetOwner().

Form that tag, you can obtain the object using GetObject().

node = op
nodeMaster = node.GetNodeMaster()
owner = nodeMaster.GetOwner()
hostObject = owner.GetObject()

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Thank you! Works as expected.