HashMap with BaseArray as value

  • With R20 I had no problem using a HashMap with a BaseArray<Int32> as value. All compiling fine, and working as expected.
    Porting that implementation to R19 (for users having not upgraded to R20), I encounter a compiler error, mentioning that the operator= cannot be accessed, since private.
    Obviously, I had to replace the R20 HashMap::Insert for an R19 HashMap::Put and there seems to lie the problem

    	// key is an integer and value an array of integers
    	maxon::HashMap<Int32, maxon::BaseArray<Int32>> dataKeyValue;
    	const Int32 key = 1;
    	maxon::HashMap<Int32, maxon::BaseArray<Int32>>::Entry* e = dataKeyValue.FindEntry(key);
    	if (e)
    		maxon::BaseArray<Int32>& values = e->GetValue();
    		// ...
    		maxon::BaseArray<Int32> newValues;
    		// ...
    		dataKeyValue.Put(key, newValues);

    The compiler error:

    error C2248: 'maxon::BaseArray<Bool,16,maxon::BASEARRAYFLAGS_0,maxon::DefaultAllocator>::operator =': cannot access private member declared in class 'maxon::BaseArray<Bool,16,maxon::BASEARRAYFLAGS_0,maxon::DefaultAllocator>'

    Any hint what I could do in order to have the same functionality compiled in R19?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Daniel, thanks for reaching out us.

    With regard to your question, the old HashMap::Put implementation does only support types which have a copy-assignment operator. But there’s the FindOrCreateEntry function which inserts an entry and default-initializes the value, then the value can be set later.

    maxon::Bool created = false;
    maxon::HashMap<Int32, maxon::BaseArray<Int32>>::Entry* e = dataKeyValue.FindOrCreateEntry(key, created);
    if (!e)
            // error handling
    if (created)
            maxon::BaseArray<Int32> newValues;
            // ...

    Let me know if it does work as expected.

    Cheers, Riccardo

  • @r_gigante
    Thanks for the headsup about FindOrCreateEntry.
    Since Put does use that method internally, I didn't even consider about trying to use it, as I simply assumed it would have the same issue. Guess I was wrong about not trying it.

    Problem solved.