Solved Unusual Remove() Results


I'm trying to clone an object and delete the tags attached on the original object.
Here is the code:

# Select an editable object
def main():

    # Copy original object
    obj = op.GetClone(c4d.COPYFLAGS_NO_HIERARCHY)

    # Remove Tags
    tags = obj.GetTags()
    for tag in tags:

The problem is the Remove Tags section deletes not only tags but also the points. So even though the object is in the hierarchy, it doesn't contain any points.

Is there a way around this? Thank you

The geometry of an object is stored in hidden tags (points and polygons, namely)
These are not visible, nor selectable ... and thus can theoretically not be deleted by user. But you still can access these via Python, or C++. As such, when removing all tags you also remove critical ones, that are needed by the object in order to exist.


Thanks for the response. Just revised the section and it works as expected

    # Remove Tags
    tags = obj.GetTags()
    for tag in tags:
        if tag.GetType() == 5617: # Tangent Tag
        elif tag.GetType() == 5600: # Point Tag
        elif tag.GetType() == 5604: # Polygon Tag

Thanks for the help. Have a great day ahead!


just a step to confirm @C4DS answer and if you look again at @r_gigante answer in this post it will make now fully sense.

regarding your code i will go like this just to be a bit shorter and easier if i want to add or remove a tag from the list.

    safeTagList = [5617, 5600, 1604]
    tags = node.GetTags()
    for tag in tags:
        if tag not in safeTagList: 


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