Solved Getting Tag by name


Is it possible to just get a tag by its name without looping through all tags and checking each name?


Take my response with a grain of salt but there is no built-in method/function for that.
There is no doc.SearchObject() equivalent for the tags.


just a step in to confirm bentraje answer, there's no function equivalent.

The function will go through all tags and check the tag name to create that list anyway.

By the way, I've changed your thread to "ask a question", but if you could add tags to your thread by editing your first post. That help up to keep track of everything and make things organized. We have a chance to at least know if you are using python or c++ and what version you are using.


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@m_magalhaes Oh yeah I forgot to add the tags. I'm using Python by the way.
You can count this post as solved.