Solved Hide tag from host object's tabs


I sometimes need a tag on a custom object that the user must not alter, so I hide them with tag->ChangeNBit( NBIT_OHIDE, NBITCONTROL_SET );.
This has worked fine with Tcaconstraint, I can't see it on the Objects or Attributes manager. But the Tprotection tag, it remains visible on the host object's tabs.
I found that NBIT_AHIDE_FOR_HOST can hide it, but it's only available for R20. Is there any way to hide tafs from the object's tabs in R19?

This has been mentioned before, looks like unique tags like Protection, always appear in the object's tabs, but multiple tag slike the Constraint don't.


I can confirm that the tab only show if the tag is visible, and not multiple and not hide for host.

From what I've seen in the code, there's no way to avoid them to appear in the AM in older version.


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@m_magalhaes Ok, thanks