• hi,
    how to set DTYPE_VECTOR4D value use 'node.SetParameter'? i test vector4d list dict tuple, all show 'TypeError: could not convert 'xxx'' .this is my code:

    cid = c4d.DescID(c4d.DescLevel(Dynamic_ID.V4D, c4d.DTYPE_VECTOR4D, 0))
    node.SetParameter(cid, c4d.Vector4d(1, 2, 3, 4), c4d.DESCFLAGS_SET_NONE)

    hope your help!

  • Hi @mike, thanks for reaching out us.

    With regard to the issue reported, I confirm that it's known bug and there is no current workaround.

    A bug fix will be delivered in the future.

    Regard, Riccardo.

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