Solved Invalid Interpreter for Python IDE PyCharm

I've downloaded the R20 SDK on my Mac
renamed to and renamed the bin to phyton as documented in the SDK docu
installed PyCharm

  • preferences
  • project interpreter
  • add
  • system interpreter
  • navigate to /Applications/MAXON/Cinema 4D R20/
  • ok

==> invalid python interpreter nae 'phyton'!

Any idea how to get that fixed?


sorry for the remark, but to be sure, you are talking about "phyton" where it's "python"

As this is your first post i would also like to point you to this topic

I've set this up this time but it is important, that will help us and the community.


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Hi ,
very embarrassing :grimacing:

Now I can start to try to debug.

Thank you for pointing me to the rules. Tried to set your answer as the correct one... did not get the menu point