Solved Large Delay with Python Interpreter in PyCharm

I am using c4dpy.eye in PyCharm. The autocomplete is working nicely.

When I run a simple test script with it:

print("Hello World")

Then click Run, there is about a 7-8 second delay before I get this result:

"C:\Program Files\MAXON\Cinema 4D R20\python.exe" "C:/Users/Kevin/PycharmProjects/Cinema 4D/"
Hello World
: No error
: No error
: No error

Process finished with exit code 0

Any ideas why is there such a huge delay? Also, what are the 'No error' lines all about?

Thank you.

The delay may be caused by the fact, that c4dpy is actually some kind of a headless Cinema 4D installation.
So, everything that is core part of C4D is loaded, that may take some time.

Also, PyCharm tends be slower launching all debugging subsystems compared to VS Code.

Hi @blastframe, I can only confirm what's @mp5gosu said, and confirm that c4dpy is a complete Cinema 4D executable, just opened as a python interpreter mode.
So nothing to do here, unfortunately.