Solved Disable a tag from Python

Sorry if this is the wrong forum or category. I have a question about use of the Python API via Python tag, on Windows.

I'm trying to disable the Dynamics Body tags on many objects, each at a different frame. This should be achievable with a Python tag, but I'm having trouble finding an API method to enable or disable an object or tag. I can toggle the editor and renderer visibility of objects (the two small circles on objects in the Objects panel), but I'm looking for an interface for the green tick /checkmark next to the circles.

Does that make sense? Does such a method exist? If there is a method to enable/disable objects (as opposed to tags), that would also work for my project.

Thank you

Hi @blieque

You can do is the Basic>Enable Checkbox in every object.
If you drag it to the console, the parameter is [c4d.ID_BASEOBJECT_GENERATOR_FLAG]

Hi @blieque, first of all welcome in the plugincafe community.

Since it's your first topic, nothing harmful, but please for your next topic, read and apply the next rules (I've done it for this post, again no worry.)

Regarding your question, Generator and Effector do have a generic enable state. That can be defined as @bentraje by accessing directly the parameter or either with BaseObject.SetDeformMode method.

For tags, there is no generic way since not all tags can be deactivated (e.g compositing tag) but for the others, you will have to directly link the parameter. To know the symbols that represent symbols you can simply drag and drop it to the console. For more information see Console Drag & Drop Manual.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Sorry for the delay! Thanks for the help; I did manage to get it working. The ability to drag any control to the console is very useful, so thanks for that tip in particular.

I'll take a look at those links, Maxime. Sorry for the hassle. :upside_down_face: