Solved TexBox CustomGUI for Python?

Hi, i would like to select shaders,
exactly like it is done in the Material Manager

I think this is done with TexBox CustomGUI,
but this is not available in the Python SDK :-/

Are there plans to allow this in the (near) Future?

best, index

Hi @indexofrefraction, unfortunately, TexBox is still not supported in Python.
As you can see in this topic from the old forum

With that's said I will raise the priority of this class on our todo list. :wink: But so far I can't promise you anything.


thanks Maxime,

i hope the priority raise helps ;-)

i want to do a material editor plugin,
and it is impossible without TexBox support

Sigh... still no TexBox support in R21... :confounded:

Is this still on your todo list?

@indexofrefraction Sorry, and yes still on my todo list.

Anyway thanks for rising again the topic.

3 years later ... the priority raise didn't help :-|
without this it is impossible to create any kind "material editor" in python
it would be really nice if this could added somewhen !

This post is deleted!

" This post is deleted! " .. ?
.-) hope it comes some day ...

Hi @indexofrefraction, sorry, I had a look at it and this is unfortunately not possible to add a CUSTOMGUI_TEXBOX in a GeDialog.

Technically this is possible and you will be able to use it as a Link field. However, the creation of shader will not work since it requires a Description to work and you can't have a Description object in a GeDialog.

This was the original post I wrote, but while writing it I had an idea to maybe make it work, it will be a bit clunky but I need to find time to implement and experiment it. But please don't get wrong expectation, due to the fact that this is not something that work out of the box, I'm not sure we will consider my workaround good enough to release it and we may prefer to decide to not release it. And I'm not 100% sure that my workaround will work, so I need to try first. But this is a very very low priority thing so this is the current status.


@m_adam :
Still thanks for looking into this. I didn't expect this to be so complicated, but obviously it is.
I hope your idea works out !

Hello @indexofrefraction ,

without further questions or postings, we will consider this topic as solved by Wednesday 31/05/2023 and flag it accordingly.

Thank you for your understanding,