SOLVED TexBox CustomGUI for Python?

Hi, i would like to select shaders,
exactly like it is done in the Material Manager

I think this is done with TexBox CustomGUI,
but this is not available in the Python SDK 😕

Are there plans to allow this in the (near) Future?

best, index

Hi @indexofrefraction, unfortunately, TexBox is still not supported in Python.
As you can see in this topic from the old forum

With that's said I will raise the priority of this class on our todo list. 😉 But so far I can't promise you anything.


thanks Maxime,

i hope the priority raise helps 😉

i want to do a material editor plugin,
and it is impossible without TexBox support

Sigh... still no TexBox support in R21... 😖

Is this still on your todo list?

@indexofrefraction Sorry, and yes still on my todo list.

Anyway thanks for rising again the topic.