Solved Hide the Generic Tabs of an Subject


Basically, I want to

  1. hide the "Basic", "Coord" and the "Object" tabs
  2. rename "User Data" tab to something more specific?

As I understand, it's not possible with the native toolset but after seeing the Xparticles project, I guess this is feasible with Python.

You can see an illustration of the problem here:

Thank you for looking at the problem.

Hi @bentraje, in which context are you?
Do you want to hide theses entries for any objects or for your own object (aka you are developing an ObjectData plugin)?



Thanks for the response.
For now, just hiding and renaming the tabs of the native objects of C4D.
My main reason for this is I'm trying to add custom controls on a rig. But some of those parameters are not needed such as name, position, and rotation of an object.

Basically, I'm aiming for a much cleaner presentation of the user data (i.e. parameters that the user will only be changing).

Hi @bentraje,

Unfortunately, this is not possible to modify the description of other objects than the one you are currently developing.
So its how Xparticle did it, since they develop their own object.



Oh okay. Thanks for the confirmation. Have a great day ahead!