GetLayerData() for Xref

  • How can I set / Get the Xref setting in the layerdata.

    When doing layer_data = layer.GetLayerData(doc), I get:

    {'solo': False, 'locked': False, 'render': False, 'color': Vector(0.189, 0.513, 0.789), 'manager': True, 'animation': False, 'generators': False, 'deformers': False, 'expressions': False, 'view': False}

  • Hi @pim unfortunately, as you figured it out, GetLayerData does not return the information relative to Xref.
    But these information can be queried like so

    layer = op[c4d.ID_LAYER_LINK]
    print layer.GetNBit(c4d.NBIT_REF)


  • Hi @pim, does the solution provided is ok for you?

    EDIT: I turned it into solved but please feel free to open it again if you need to.

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