Treeview adding a new item as an child

  • I have seen the excellent post of Maxime about creating a Treeview.

    There is an Add button, but now I want to add it as a child.

    I added a Insert Under button with following code in Command().

            if id == 1002:
                # Insert Under
                tex = TextureObject("Inserted under first item.")
                first = self._listView.GetFirst(self._treegui, self._listView)
                #InsertObject(self, root, userdata, obj, dragtype, dragobject, insertmode, bCopy):
                self._listView.InsertObject(self._treegui, self._listView, first, c4d.DRAGTYPE_FILENAME_OTHER, tex, c4d.INSERT_UNDER, True)
                # Refresh the TreeView

    And in class ListView(c4d.gui.TreeViewFunctions) I added

        def GetFirst(self, root, userdata):
            rValue = None if not self.listOfTexture else self.listOfTexture[0]
            return rValue
        def InsertObject(self, root, userdata, obj, dragtype, dragobject, insertmode, bCopy):
            return True

    But nothing is inserted.
    I think it is because of InsertObject(), because nothing is inserted in the _listView.
    So, how to insert it as a child?


  • Hi Pim thanks for reaching out us.

    With regard to your request, rather than implementing TreeViewFunctions::InsertObject() you should take care of implementing a TreeViewFunctions::GetDown() and also to redesign the data type being responsible to store the TreeView items and their children.

    In the case presented by @m_adam a simple list was used and this was sufficient for the scope of representing a one-level tree. Also accessing the next/prev items was done by searching for the index of a given item in the list which turned to be quick and slick.

    Last but not least it's also relevant to implement a TreeViewFunctions::Open()and TreeViewFunctions::IsOpened() in order to properly manage the folding/unfolding functionality otherwise your tree might appear always folded

    Hope these few notes can lead you through the right direction.

    Best, Riccardo

  • I'd like to add that using GeListNode and GeListHead is convenient since they already come with all functions you need.

  • @mp5gosu this completely makes sense and it's indeed a valuable recommendation but I wasn't sure about Pim's requirement here on deriving from Cinema 4D base classes.

    Cheers, R

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