Solved Modifying or Adding Script Directory?


By default, the script folder is pointed to library>scripts.
Is there a way to modify or add additional directory?

For instance, changing it to a network location or on a dropbox directory so it would be easy to edit, update and readily use scripts rather than going to the script manager and open the script every time I make a change on it.

Is this possible?

Thank you for looking at the problem.


On windows, you can create an environment variable named C4D_SCRIPTS_DIR more informations in the doc
The doc say : Multiple paths can be separated using a semicolon (;) but it's seem buggy at the moment, i have to investigate a bit further and i'll be back if i found something.

On OSX you don't have environment variables but you can create a Symbolic Link (not an alias). You have to use the Terminal to do so (ln -s /<source>/ /<preferences path>/library/scripts) This will create a link in your scripts directory.
I've tried to link from directory to directory but it doesn't work.


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I am not sure about the multiple paths
But having only a singular path, it works as expected.
Closing this thread for now.

Thank you. Have a great day ahead!

thanks a lot and happy to learn your issue is solved.

About the multi-path separated with semicolon, I can confirm it is bugged at the moment but will be fixed in the next release.


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This issue is now fixed in R21.