Solved is there a market to sell my plugin?

I have just made a plugin,i want to share it and ean some money,is there a market for cinema4d?
and if not,do you have any other place to sell it ?

@milkliu, for example. I'm selling there.

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There's no official market for Cinema 4D's plugins own by Maxon.

But, as an old plugins seller myself, i can try to give you some hints and share my experience.

If you want to sell your plugins, you have several options and some legal part to consider.

You must collect VAT for example. As a European, things can be different depending on witch country your client is from. I'm far to be a specialist, and there is some tools that can handle those things for you. Don't be afraid of legal part.

1 - You can run your own shop by having your own provider, using "simple tools" like
Wordpress + WooCommerce. If you add plugins to handle VAT and other legal stuff, this can be a breeze. You have your own Design, you can handle serial numbers the way you want, you have total control.

2 - Using a market place ( Aescripts or Gumroad for exemple) have some advantages :

  • they will manage the legal stuff for you,
  • they help you if you got any question
  • you can focus on your development
  • they will generate a lot more traffic and your tools will be more visible (people can come for another plugins and check what they have in the catalog)

You also have to consider the tax they will charge of course. They will varie form plateform to plateform. Don't hesitate to contact them.

Final point, DO IT, it's fun, you will have some nice feedback, having people, sending work they have done with your tools, from all over the world is just a blast.


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if you don't have anything else to add, i'll mark this topic as "solved"


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