Baking textures for PBR object

  • Is it possible to bake the values of the reflection channel into textures using "Bake object"?

  • Hi krftt thanks for reaching out us.

    With regard to your question, if the intent is to bake the final appearance of a PBR material on a texture, I confirm that there are no means to achieve this considering that the baked data will also be camera-dependent.

    If, on the contrary, your goal is to sample the shader used in any of the reflection layers used in a PBR material you can consider BaseShader::Sample() and, given a ChannelData, retrieve the color at a specific point - see this thread.

    To browse through the different channel you can use something like:

        # check for an active material
        mat = doc.GetActiveMaterial()
        if mat is None:
        # retrieve the reflection layers count
        layersCount = mat.GetReflectionLayerCount()
        # loop through the layers
        for i in xrange(layersCount):
            # get the ReflectionLayer instance and the related data ID
            reflLayer = mat.GetReflectionLayerIndex(i)
            reflLayerData = reflLayer.GetDataID()
            # check for the instance to be the one currently active in the Attribute Manager
            if reflLayer.GetFlags() & (c4d.REFLECTION_FLAG_TAB):
                # retrieve the color
                color = mat[reflLayerData + c4d.REFLECTION_LAYER_COLOR_COLOR]   
                # try to retrieve the shader
                colorShader = mat[reflLayerData + c4d.REFLECTION_LAYER_COLOR_TEXTURE]
                # do something with the data retrieved
                if colorShader is None:
                    print "Selected layer is ", reflLayer.GetName(), "and uses color: ", color
                    print "Selected layer is ", reflLayer.GetName(), "and uses shader: ", colorShader.GetName()

    Best, Riccardo

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