Solved C4D hangs when call BaseShader->Edit() for the message MSG_DESCRIPTION_CHECKUPDATE

There is a problem. There is a bitmap button in material description. After click it sends a message MSG_DESCRIPTION_CHECKUPDATE. Inside this message there is a call to base shader -> Edit(). I just want to show the properties of shader in attribute manager instead of material properties. And C4D R20 demo hangs.
If the button is not bitmap (but a usual one) then it sends a message MSG_DESCRIPTION_COMMAND which calls base shader->Edit() and we get no any hang.
One thing: if there is no GetDDescription there is no hang after Edit() call. But GetDDescription is used to make bitmap buttons and other staff. Even basic GetDDescription with checks for null input vars and just LoadDescription is enough to make the hang.
StopAllThreads() befor calling shader->Edit doesn't help to avoid the problem.

Hi, @Aaron I'm not able to reproduce here, could you share a code example, please.


Ok, I will. Just need to remove all not-needed things

Any news on this one?

Since no news, I mark it as solved (closed), but feel free to open it again.