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Which function should I call to get something like a data dump file? I am trying to get a text file of everything in the scene.

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You should go for File->Export->FBX and tick text file.
But it highly depends on what you understand by "everything in the scene". Tool settings, Multipass-settings? 3rd party plugin settings, etc.?

I can't find the option to tick txt file. Do I have to enable it in preferences?
// nevermind found it.

Here you go:

It looks really nicely organized but is this the same data structure for c4d documents?

No. c4d files are a proprietary format and I assure you, Maxon won't release the internal structure to public. ;)
Depending on what you achieve, there might be a solution by using the Melange SDK:

Can you elaborate a bit more what are you trying to achieve?

Sure. I am creating an automated cad rendering pipeline. I just wanted to see how everything is assigned material and objerct tag wise to see how difficult it would be to parse regular object names and instances + material assignment methods.

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Regarding your question i'm afraid there's no solution than what @mp5gosu already talked about. (thanks for your post)

If you are creating a rendering pipeline i would definitely have a look at the melange SDK if you are not afraid of c++ (and there's absolutely no reason to be afraid). Don't be afraid to ask questions here.
There's no equivalent to Melange in python.

As i said, other than going through all objects in the scene and collect informations you want to export and finally export it to the format you want (using xml module in python for example) there's no built in solution.

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