Saving & Loading User Preset

  • Dear Maxon-Developer / -User,

    first of all:
    Congratulations in acquiring Redshift. Great choice!

    I want to do the following:

    When rightclicking on the "arrow" left next to the Shader-Slot, you are able to save the Shader as preset.
    And you can load it the same way.
    I saw in the Maxon C4D R20 SDK that there is maybe a possibility to do so?

    DOCUMENT_PRESET_COMMAND_LOAD button Load preset.
    DOCUMENT_PRESET_COMMAND_SAVE button Save preset.

    Is it possible to do that via python on certain shaders so I can save them at one point and load them into another shader at another point?

    Thx in Advance!


  • Hi, I'm afraid this is not possible to do in Python since the ContentBrowser is not exposed to Python.
    In C++ you can call SavePresetObject directly. Moreover, there is no way to automate the "click" on this since everything is hardcoded in the popup menu build by the texture field UI.


  • Hi Maxime,

    thank you very much! Good to know. I would otherwise searched forever.