Solved Buttons ids

Hi all,

For the python function CallButton I have to pass the id of the button I want to call. Nice, where do I find the ids for the buttons? I can't see any information/indication on the python documentation



there's no real list where you can find easily those IDs.

@m_adam came with this idea :
open the Script log (menu script > script log) and click the button you want to call.
in the console you will see something like

 c4d.CallButton(tool(), c4d.MDATA_NEWTRANSFORM)

so you know that the ID is c4d.MDATA_NEWTRANSFORM

Another place to look for, is the folder ressource/modules where you can find the files .res that build the ui. (using your OS search function will help a lot) Openning those file you will find the information


and you can maybe open the file with the same name with the extention .h where you will find the id

MDATA_NEWTRANSFORM							= 701,   // Button

Other than that, there are the enums on the documentation like this page but it's not really "user friendly"

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