Node-Based Materials

  • Hello,
    I am trying to find a way on how to get the nodes that are connected to a node-based material like we find the shaders connected to a standard material's texture. So is the same thing possible for the node-based material?
    Also does these materials ex (car paint, ceramic etc) have a corresponding .h header file like other shaders do?
    Thank you.

  • Hi, @Ogers I'm afraid there is currently no API for the Node-Based Materials, and I can't give any ETA on this, just that we are working on it.


  • Hi, Maxime! Also another node-related question: will you ever make the SDK access for custom material and shader plugins operating inside node based GUI?

  • After acquisition of Redshift, i hope we get node material system v.2 and sdk for it.

    Aaron, i think it will be closed work in progress. I read about it from blog at maxon

  • My guess is there will be no any SDK for long time because it didn't happen yet for the first R20 release. This looks a bit strange. But this is the choice of Maxon. Would be interesting just to know what Maxon developers think about it.

  • As stated before, we are working on it and it will be released in the future. I can't say more.

    Regarding your question @Aaron this will be possible.