How to keep data in tag plugin even if restart Cinema 4D

  • i need keep dict data in my tag plugin even if restart cinema 4d. SetWorldPluginData() maybe useful,but how to get the currect data if i have tag multiple instances?I'm sorry this may be a basic question, but I didn't find a satisfactory answer.

    hope your help!

  • Since tags belong to an object and objects are written to disk on save, your tag data should still be available on reload.
    Otherwise, you could write a custom BaseContainer with your settings before Cinema 4D gets restarted.

  • @mp5gosu Oh!Thank you for your help! I check my code and find it's my error. Excuse me again, I also find : project and close project
    3.tag plugin data exists and clear data
    4.don't save and recovery project is null
    How to solve this problem,keep data?

  • If you don't save, you are responsible to write any data on document close to a custom BaseContainer that is written to your object's container.
    And read the container and restore the tag data on loading the document again.

  • @mp5gosu thank you for you answer!

  • Hi if your topic is solved please consider turning the topic as solved see Q&A New Functionality.

    In addition to the @mp5gosu message I wanted to point you to the NodeData::Write/Read/CopyTo for more information see the C++ NodeData::Read() / NodeData::Write() Manual which will handle to write/read data when c4d close/open a scene.

    Moreover, if you go to the BaseContainer way and still facing issue with data loading, you may need to react to some message, see NodeData::Message.

    Finally, if you implement the Read/Write make sure to use the disklevel functionality when you register your Plugin. Disklevel can be understood as a plugin version, so if you modify the structure of the data stored you will still be able to read/write your data according to the correct version.


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