How to use code to control the model


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Sorry, I want to ask how to use the program to control the model, the model changes as the data changes.

Hi Panney, thanks for reaching out us.

With regard to your question we indeed need more information on what is actually needed on your side and what you really want to achieve.
Cinema 4D, beside providing an extensive API both on C++ and Python also comes since long with a powerful nodal-based system (namely Xpresso) specifically tailored to "control the model upon data change". Finally Cinema 4D also come with an handy Python Tag that is worthy to be investigated with regard to programmatically control a model behavior.

Looking forward a better description of your final intent, give best.

Application scenario: after building the model with C4D, the model will be presented in any form, be it web page, desktop application or other forms, and then the program will control the action of the model, and connect to the database to render the data on the model.Similar to the MVC pattern of web development.
Can you provide a solution?Thank you very much!

Hi pennay, thanks for following up.

Our Team's mission is to deliver a punctual and effective support on Cinema SDK related topic, and we usually don't engage in discussion where turn-key solutions are requested. We provide explanations, recommendations and best-practices on the development tools that Cinema 4D comes with, but it's not on us to recommend how to use them to achieve a certain goal.

With regard to your further comment on the final goal, considering the range of the topic, I'd start having a look at the network-related APIs - note: it's not completely covered - that Cinema 4D comes with and to come back with more defined questions addressing Cinema API.

Hoping to hear from you soon, give best.