Good Bye and Thanks for the Fish

Dear Plugin Café community,

end of this month I will be leaving MAXON to spice up my life, seeking new endeavors.
Despite me looking forward to my next steps, I can not deny, I'm also leaving with a tear in my eyes.
For me it was an absolute joy to work for MAXON and even more so to work in this community.
Thanks to everybody for your contribution to Cinema 4D.

Rest assured, the SDK Team is in good shape and will continue to be there for you.
Even more so, as I also have some good (or maybe even better) news. Manuel Magalhaes joined the SDK Team last Monday, it won't take long to see him contributing to this community. Everybody say: Welcome, Manuel!


Noooo. 😞

Tahnk you very much for the years of helping out and bringing the SDK where it is now (and all the other stuff you did)!
All the best on your way to a spicy future. Hope to see you around here though (?)

Hello Manuel! 👋
Welcome to Maxons SDK-Team!
There are now huge footsteps to follow in. 🙂
Looking forward to you help, adivices and contributions.

Very sad to see you go, Andreas.
Thanks for all your time and effort. It won't be the same place without you.
I knew I needed to be patient to get to read the ending of your novel 😉 But this ... I didn't see that one coming.
Best wishes for your future endeavors.

Welcome, Manuel!

Thanks for your time, effort and help over the years Andreas. Wishing you all the best for a spicy future!

Welcome Manuel!

Andreas thank you! You need new pool for fish 🐳

Welcome, Manuel! xplode 😎 them all !!! 😉

Oh nooo.. That's sad to hear!
Thanks for all your time and help, Andreas!

Wishing you the very best on your newest endeavors...!!!!


Thank you for all your help over the years!
I am sure your old posts will help out a lot of people for years to come.
Good luck in your future.

@a_block Goodspeed with your new endeavour and thanks for your support!

Working on real-time rendering for Cinema 4D -

As mentioned earlier, this place won't be the same without you.
And with the recent unraveling of the plot, this "ending of your novel" has sure taken a new twist.

Thanks to everybody in this thread for all your kind words.

@C4DS said in Good Bye and Thanks for the Fish:

As mentioned earlier, this place won't be the same without you.

You may overestimate my contribution. Silently watching from the side line, my feeling is, Riccardo, Sebastian, Maxime and Manuel, though being handicapped by a little loss of man power, not only managed to continue to do a great job in here, but even managed to further improve. Just let the dust of change settle a bit and they'll excel even more.

@C4DS said in Good Bye and Thanks for the Fish:

And with the recent unraveling of the plot, this "ending of your novel" has sure taken a new twist.

I'm not quite sure where you are heading and which plot recently unraveled. But please believe me, my departure was not so much related to Maxon and certainly not connected to any announcements on Maxon's strategy of the recent past. I left a group of friends behind, mostly for private and to a certain extent selfish reasons, which I won't discuss in public. Yet, please, try not to read between the lines and do not interpret my silence against Maxon or the SDK Team. I really enjoyed being part of the ride. Having had the chance to meet all of you in here was really great. It's just sometimes you need to stop eating, when it tastes best. I'm pretty sure Forest Gump also said some fitting words, I just can't remember...


@a_block said in Good Bye and Thanks for the Fish:

I'm not quite sure where you are heading and which plot recently unraveled

Hi Andreas,
Nice to hear from you.

Ah ... seems we're definitely not on the same page.
Sorry to talk in riddles.

What I was referring to, was related to what we discussed in December-January past.
I had some questions related to serial numbers, and as the topic was quite delicate we communicated via e-mail.
As you required more time to provide the needed answers you asked me to be patient. Time went on and on, and I finally wrote back. Triggering for an update, jokingly telling that like any good story one need to raise suspense before giving away the ending, and that you were quite good at it ... (building up the suspense in our "communication-novel", I mean).
Then, out of the blue, you mentioned leaving. Quite a different ending to our novel then I had expected.

And now, with the recent R21-announcement, all became clear. No more serial numbers in the future.
So yes, all questions got now answered ... what a twist in that novel ending.

Ah, that novel!
Yeah, sorry. Not one of my personal highlights. Sometimes answering simple questions can be more difficult than one might expect. Such changes can involve quite a few people and seemingly easy processes can become quite lengthy (up to the point, where you (or rather I) forget about the beginning). And certain topics might be regarded so sensitive, that communication on even remotely related topics can get difficult (e.g. due to legal issues). But then again, in the end it was in my responsibility to gather the info you needed or wanted, and I failed to provide it to you. Or at least provide you with a semi-satisfactory answer without touching things I was not allowed to. Sorry!
And see? I'm pretty sure, my follow up will not make the same mistakes (as he or she is most likely human maybe others...). So, if it's not the same anymore without me, then probably better! 😉