DeformCache Update

  • I used a cube object as a test and found that the DeformeCache obtained during script execution was the same. The cube object contains the pose morph tag (point type) and a deformer sub-object. The script does it to get the current DeformCache, then modify the intensity of the posemorph, and update to get the DeformCache again. I found that they are the same
    Is there a problem with my code, or is it logically impossible to do this?

    This is the script code:

    def main():
        tag = op.GetTag(c4d.Tposemorph)
        one = op.GetDeformCache().GetAllPoints()
        print one[3]
        tag[4000,1101] = 0
        two = op.GetDeformCache().GetAllPoints()
        print two[3]

    Thanks for any help

  • Hi @chuanzhen the deformed cache is only a representation of the current frame deformation state.
    That means, if you change the data, frame or whatever you need to rebuild the cache, this can be done with BaseDocument.ExecutePasses.


  • @m_adam Thanks👍

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