Cinema 4D crashed without knowing it crashed

  • Good evening,
    I have recently started using cinema 4D on my alienware x51 desktop computer and have experienced atleast 3 crashes of the application that the program did not register as bugs and therefore all of my work was deleted and once I reopened the application there would be no notification implying it eve recognized there was a crash. I just rendered a project for 7 hours and after it was finish, i was choosing where to save the animation and the program crashed. As you can understand I am extremely upset. I was browsing and happened to find the gi2 files associated with all of the renders. Is there anyway I can use those to find/reproduce the original rendered file or to atleast reopen the project file that was being used during the crash because I also hadn't saved after making a few changes before the animation so those changes are gone now as well?....

  • Hi,

    I'm sorry you are having issues with Cinema 4D.
    You have ended up in MAXON's support forum for 3rd party developers.
    This is actually not a good place for user support requests. Instead I suggest to use the support form on our website.


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