UNSOLVED SpecialEventAdd and structures / containers

In C++ I can use a structure as one of the SpecialEventAdd() p1 or p2 parameters.

PolyData* data = NewObj(PolyData);  
// check pointer and fill your object  
SpecialEventAdd(123456789, 0, (UInt) data);  

How can I do this in python?
I want to send two vectors to a command plugin using SpecialEventAdd() or another message method.

Hi @pim,

In Python, SpecialEventAdd can only pass integer value, so the sender part can store the data into the document BaseContainer send the SpecialEventAdd/ Process this event read back the data from the active document BaseContainer.

You can find valuable information on this topic https://plugincafe.maxon.net/topic/8219/10712_pluginmessage-and-pycobject-solved/5.