SOLVED Send message to tooldata

How can I send data from a command plugin dialog to a tooldata plugin?
I tried following in the command plugin

            self.mode = id
            #c4d.SpecialEventAdd(PLUGIN_ID2, p1=id, p2=id)  
            msg = c4d.BaseContainer()
            msg[1] = id
            self.CoreMessage(c4d.EVMSG_TOOLCHANGED, msg)

But nothing is received in the tooldata plugin.

    def Message(self, node, type, data):
        if type==c4d.EVMSG_TOOLCHANGED:
            print "EVMSG_TOOLCHANGED"
            if data['id'][0].id==PLUGIN_ID2:
                print "Pushed button with the ID", PLUGIN_ID2
                return True
    def CoreMessage(self, id, msg):
        if id == PLUGIN_ID2:
           print "Message received."

If I remember correctly we did discuss the other way (from CommandData to ToolData) quite a while ago (see But I guess using this same technique could still be applicable to your current request.

Most important is to understand that a CoreMessage is not captured by a ToolData. This type of message can only be captured by a MessageData plugin, where you then could "translate" it into a message that actually is sent to the ToolData.

What I have been successful in using is, performing following from the "transmitter":

BasePlugin* tool = FindPlugin(TOOL_PLUGIN_ID, PLUGINTYPE::TOOL);
if (tool)

Where TOOL_PLUGIN_ID is the plugin ID of the ToolData, and TOOL_MSG_PREPAREDATA is a custom defined message, using a unique plugin ID.

And then using following in the "receiver" ToolData:

Bool MyToolData::Message(BaseDocument *doc, BaseContainer &data, Int32 type, void *t_data)

	return DescriptionToolData::Message(doc, data, type, t_data);

Furthermore, I am not sure you can simply sent out a EVMSG_TOOLCHANGED.
Why would you do so?
Best is to actually perform a change of tool (by doing a doc->SetAction(...)), which will automatically sent out this message. But of course the message being a CoreMessage it can only be captured by a MessageData plugin. Again, you could provide this detection and "translate" that captured EVMSG_TOOLCHANGED into a "tool->Message(custom_msg_id_toolchanged)", which you would then listen to in your ToolData::Message()

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Your first answer works great! Thank you.