Solved Team Render Client and plugins

Are plugins automatically installed on Team Render Clients (since R20)?

It was brought to my attention that one of my plugins reports a "wrong or incomplete serial number", while the user didn't manually install the plugin on the Team Render Client. A screenshot shows that my plugin is indeed part of client's registration, and shows a "No serial number". While other plugins show an "OK".

I confess not having used the IsNet() functionality yet. But in R19 and before this didn't seem necessary, since the plugin only got installed on the main user's machine, while a smaller plugin - registering same pluginIDs - would (manually) be installed on every render node.

What the customer failed to mention was that the Team Render Client he used is on the same physical machine as his main Cinema 4D. Since both share the same plugins folder, the plugins were obviously installed manually for the main Cinema 4D, and thus also available for the local Team Render Client.

Case closed.