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The documentation of Melange is not very clear, and there is only one example 😞

Can we convert a parametric object into a polygonal object, as we do with "makeeditable" in a plugin?

Hi Passion3D, thanks for reaching out us.

With regard to your question, please note that being the Melange API designed with the intent of enabling the data transfer from Cinema 4D to other 3rd-party host application it lacks some group of functionalities which are indeed part of the sole Cinema 4D API like, for example, generating geometries on-the-fly.
Being said this, any parametric object present in a scene saved using the "Save Project For Melange..." will be saved in the file together with its caches, allowing methods like to BaseObject::GetCache() and BaseObject::GetDeformCache() to be used.
On the contrary, if a file is not saved using the "Save Project for Melange..." or if "Save Polygons for Melange" is not enabled in the Preferences->Files section in Cinema 4D before an "ordinary" save is fired, the parametric objects present in the file won't be provided with the caches computed by Cinema and, consequently, there will be no chances to access those data.

To answer your question, in the end, no chance to "makeeditable" rather to access the data belonging the cache when available in the .c4d file.

Hoping that this few notes help, feel free to get back for any further comment.

Best, Riccardo

Unfortunately, that's what I thought 😞
So I'll have to write a MakeEditable function 😉

Thanks Ricardo