How to check if a spline is a freehand spline?

  • By "freehand" spline, I mean, not a primitive, like Star or Circle.
    So, any spline that is converted into an editable spline or imported from an EPS ou Illustrator file would be considered a "freehand" spline.
    My problem is that:

    is_spline = bool(info & c4d.OBJECT_ISSPLINE)

    will return True for ALL splines, wether they are parametric or editable splines.
    How can I differentiate between them?

  • Ok, found a solution.
    I checked for:

    is_spline = spline.IsInstanceOf(c4d.Ospline)

    And, if False, it is a parametric primitive.

  • Hello,

    I just want to add that an example on how check a spline can be found in the BaseObject Manual.

    best wishes,

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