Render from picture viewer programatically

  • Wanting to save out the image sequence in the picture viewer with the audio already in scene via python api and also in the background. Is this possible? I know how to render via commandline however that i believe is for rendering from the scene, in this case ive already rendered and the image sequence is currently in picture viewer.

    I could of course do this all via ffmpeg and mix the audio and video there however the audio has been set up and shifted appropriately and i would rather not mess with ffmpeg time delay etc.

    Using R20 and on windows 10

  • Hi mafster, thanks for reaching out us.

    With regard to accessing images being available in the Picture Viewer, I'm sorry to confirm that there is no PictureViewer-related classes/functions exposed in the API. This is valid for both C++ and Python API.

    Best, Riccardo