Solved The plugin ID '000' collides with another plugin ID in 'aaa'.

this year i wrote my first python plugin.

but it always get the runtimeError like this:The plugin ID '000' collides with another plugin ID in 'aaa'.

I don't know where am I wrong.

so I download a sample plugin folder.there are sample plugins like Py-CVRss,PyDoubleCircle,Py-Fresnel...
and I put the samples in my plugins folder.

also I found them got a message like this:
RuntimeError:The plugin ID '1025245' collides with another plugin ID in 'Py-DoubleCircle'.

above all is In c4d r20

but, I test the sample plugins in R19,they works well and no messages.


this really sounds strange to me. And also hard to say without further detail. But I'd guess, there are plugins installed multiple times. By default plugins can be installed into a "plugins" folder inside of Cinema 4D's installation directory and additionally inside a plugins folder residing in the user's home folder (reachable for example via the "Open Preference Folder..." at the bottom of the preferences dialog). On top of this in R20 you can add additional directories via preferences
Could you check this please? If that's not the case, we will probably need to look more deeply into some of your directory's contents.


@a_block Thank you! You Insprie me.I solve it now.
because i have create a "plugins" folder in the installation directory,and add the folder in the preference dialog.
it's now i delete zhe dir in the preference dialog.
it works well now!!
thank you very much!!


good we got you going
It is not wrong per se to use multiple plugin directories. Actually Cinema 4D R20 was specifically designed to have multiple ones. You just need to make sure not to have duplicate plugins in these directories.