Solved Searching for "EventAdd()" crashes forum page


I just noticed, that searching for "EventAdd()" crashes the forum for me.
I don't know why that specific String does it, I couldn't reproduce it with other search queries.
The results load, but then I can't click anything and after a while Chrome tells me the page has crashed.

Checked again today and it works. So ignore this post I guess?


thanks for pointing this out to us.
Yet, we were not able to reproduce this issue. What we found so far, when doing a search for "EventAdd()" (or anything similar resulting in a large number of results) and the search is set to show posts instead of threads, then switching between result pages can indeed take some time (at least for the first switch). During this time the page is indeed completely unresponsive and seems frozen, which is not nice. But here it always returned and showed the expected content after a bunch of seconds (I think in my tests longest was about 15 seconds).
We'll keep an eye on this.