Creative Pirate


On 25/03/2003 at 15:05, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Just wanted to let everyone here know about a new site I´ve been working on for the past few months called Creative Pirate. It´s a site where you can sell your creative digital assets online. The types of assets that can be sold on the site are textures, shaders, 3d models, audio, plugins, software, motion capture, vector art, backgrounds, photography and illustrations.

Creative Pirate has only been online for a few days now and we are just looking for people who would like to upload and sell their products. We have not yet started our PR or advertising, we are waiting for more content to be available for purchase on the site before we begin that. So just keep in mind that if you visit the site and don´t see very many products it´s because we just launched.

For Cinema4D users and developers, Creative Pirate could be a good place to sell your plugins, models, expressions, xgroups, etc.

Creative Pirate is a little different from other sites out there like it. We are an open marketplace that allows anyone to upload and sell their products, but we only accept high quality products that are suitable for commercial applications, this keeps consumers from having to filter through low quality or useless products. Products that don´t meet our quality requirements will be declined. We allow the artists to control their own inventory and pricing, we will not alter prices set by the artist. It´s free to upload products to the site, and when a product sells the artist gets 70% and we keep 30% of the product´s price.

We would love feedback of any kind from anyone who visits Creative Pirate, positive or negative. We want to create a high quality and fair marketplace for everyone involved and if you have any suggestions or comments we´d love to hear them. This is the time for us to make adjustments to the site since it is still new and not officially launched.