Solved Set options when importing a file

Hi All,

I've been searching the python documentation but I've found no way to set the options when loading a 3d file. The functions LoadFile() and LoadDocument() don't seem to allow you to set settings such as "Flip z axis" or "swap X and Y axes" which are available, as instance, when importing an obj

Then, how can I set the settings displayed in the gui when importing a file?

Hi @rage, you first have to configure the exporter plugin then Load the document/ Merge it.
Cinema 4D will automatically use the settings you defined in the plugin.
You can find examples of the procedure in our github repository.

Finally, symbols for supported exporter/importer are exposed in this page of the Python documentation.
Unfortunately, there is no area describing each symbol for each exporter in the python documentation, but you can find them using the search engine in the C++ documentation. (I linked you the C++ symbols of OBJ, import)

If you have any questions, please let me know.