Solved Registering tokens in python


I saw a two year old post that mentioned there was a possibility of getting functionality for registering custom tokens in python. Has anything happened with that over the last years or is that still only possible in C++?


Hi Boony2000, thanks for reaching out us.

With regard to your request, I'm sorry to confirm that still registering tokens in Token System Library is unsupported on Python side.

Although it's already under our radar, I can't confirm when it will be available on Python API.

Best, Riccardo


Thanks for the reply. We are really desperate for this feature as well, as although I understand the python API pretty well, I've never coded in C++ before.

I see there is an example token registration plugin in the c++ documentation. Since I've never had to compile anything before, how 'complete' is this example, and how hard would it be to implement for a beginner?

I'd love the ability to read in an environment variable (eg. a job directory path), and set it as eg. $JOBDIR token, on launch so that it could be used in all of our pipeline tools, without having to hardcode anything. Doable for a noob?


Hi line6dude, thanks for following up.

With regard to registering Tokens in c++, given that it's not a complex task, requires at least a minimum background of C++, familiarity with Xcode (or VisualStudio) and understanding of our Cinema 4D tool-chain.
If you feel comfortable in becoming familiar with such concepts, please open a new thread to tackle the argument.

Best, Riccardo