Solved Retrieve the newly created object from the "IK_TAG_ADD_GOAL" command?


I have this code that clicks the "Add Goal" in the IK Tag. This creates a null that corresponds to the goal. Is there a way to access this null after creation?

Currently I have this:

IKGoal = c4d.CallButton(IKTag, c4d.ID_CA_IK_TAG_ADD_GOAL)

#returns NONE rather than the Null IK Goal

It creates a newly created Null object that represents the IK Goal but when I print(IKGoal), it results to none rather than the Null IK Goal.

Is there a way around this?

Thank you for looking at the problem


using CallButton() is the same as pressing the button in the GUI. So the CallButton() function does not return anything.

The "Add Goal" functionality creates a new Null object. This null object is inserted after the host object of the tag. Sou you could simply get the "next" object to get the goal object.

tag = doc.GetActiveTag()
if not tag:
# should check for type of course
# ...

c4d.CallButton(tag, c4d.ID_CA_IK_TAG_ADD_GOAL)

# assume that the newly created null object is now the next object after the host object
hostObject = tag.GetObject()
nextObject = hostObject.GetNext()


Alternatively, you could simply read the now defined BaseLink to the goal object:

c4d.CallButton(tag, c4d.ID_CA_IK_TAG_ADD_GOAL)
goalObject = tag[c4d.ID_CA_IK_TAG_TARGET]

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Thanks for the revised script Sebastian. I tried both code and it worked as expected.
But may I ask an additional question:

Where did you retrieved this: [c4d.ID_CA_IK_TAG_TARGET]?
I cannot find it in the documentation. It's not also present in the script log. Whenever I modified it, it only appears with a cryptic number: 10001

I like it because it's descriptive and helps me understand the code better.


you can drag and drop parameters into the Python console. Then you will see the parameter symbol.

See Python Console.

Best wishes,

Gotcha. Thanks for clarification!