Solved Number and Position of Points for Light Object

I am looking for a way take the number of points and their position for a light object. For example if I am using the Cube shape area light object, can we find the number of points and the position where they are just like we do for polygon objects.
Thank you in advance.

Hi Ogers, thanks for reaching us out.

With regard to your question for those shape that are parametric, there's no real geometry representation. They are instead passed to the rendering engine as theoretical shapes and used accordingly to compute the corresponding light behavior.

For all those theoretical shapes - from disc to hemisphere - , you can, once you've retrieved the size information, internally recreate the distribution of points in space based on that shape and scale their position based on the bounding box information.

For the sole Object/Spline shape you can then retrieve the link to the object and query for its real geometrical data.

Best, Riccardo

Hello @r_gigante
Thank you for your time and answer. I will try the other way then.
Best, Ogers